26 April 2023


Yesterday, Redfield College held a ceremony to pay tribute to the brave ANZACs who selflessly served their countries. The event took place in the COLA and brought together students, staff, and special guest Mr Paul Quinn, a former Staff Sergeant in the Australian Army and a cherished member of the Redfield teaching faculty. Throughout the ceremony, heartfelt speeches were delivered, emphasising the significance of the ANZACs' bravery and the enduring impact of their actions. Students and faculty members shared stories and reflections, showcasing their appreciation for the service and dedication exhibited by the ANZACs. 

A highlight was the wreath-laying ceremony and a performance of The Last Post and Rouse by Raphael C, Year 10. As the ceremony drew to a close, the words "Lest we forget" echoed throughout the COLA, resonating with each individual present. The phrase, ingrained in the collective memory of Australia and New Zealand, serves as a solemn pledge to remember and honour those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.

Redfield College extends its heartfelt thanks to Mr Paul Quinn for gracing the ceremony with his presence, as well as to all the participants who made the event a moving and unforgettable experience. By commemorating the ANZACs, Redfield College continues to instil in its students a deep sense of respect, honour, and gratitude for the sacrifices made by those who came before us. Lest we forget.