26 May 2021

Big Brother Program

As a leadership team, one of our main goals is unity. As an extension of this, we have instituted an initiative called the 'Big Brother Program', where each of our Year 7 students is assigned a ‘big brother’ from Year 12. The aim of this program is to establish connections across grades in the pursuit of whole-school unity. It also allows for the Year 7s to have someone available to them for advice and guidance. The program started in Term 4 last year with ‘big brothers’ meeting with their ‘little brothers’ in a mentoring-style format. However, with the chaos of moving from Primary to Secondary and Year 12 studies, the program was not as active as we had hoped during Term 1. On Friday, 14 May, we held a ‘Big Brother Revitalisation’ event, involving a catch-up over lunch for the Year 7s and their respective ‘big brothers’. It was a great success and the program is on track to flourish during the last stretch of our final year of schooling.

Gerard - Year 12