18 November 2022

Year 11 Careers Expo at TAFE, Ultimo

On Friday, 11 November, five students from Year 11 participated in the Careers, Jobs and Skills Expo at Ultimo TAFE. These students were able to catch a glimpse into a range of career opportunities, as well as participate in a selection of workshops aimed at developing job-seeking skills.

Peter C, Amish G, and Joshua P  took part in workshops that centred around resumé writing, interview practice and portfolio development. After these workshops, they wanted to offer the following advice to any students who are looking for jobs:  

  • Modify your resumé to match the job you are applying for.
  • Prepare for your job interview as early as possible by practising with someone.
  • In a job interview, tell personal stories to prove that you have experience; use the STAR method below to give these stories a good structure: 

S - Situation - Where were you? What was the event, project or challenge that you faced?
T - Task - What were you responsible for? 
A - Action - What actions did you take to fulfil your responsibilities?
R - Result - What was the outcome or result of the actions that you took? 

Nathan F and Gabriel K were very impressed by the fantastic facilities that Ultimo TAFE has to offer to prospective tertiary students as part of their automotive courses. These facilities included three levels of industry-simulated environments, each with a dedicated purpose as follows: 

Level 1 - Petrol cars and electric vehicles
Level 2 - Motorbikes 
Level 3 - Jet skis, boats and ships (some of which had extremely large engines)

Nathan and Gabriel also had the opportunity to speak directly with barbers and hairdressers who gave them valuable information about how to become qualified as a barber

The expo also included a range of other workshops in the fields of floristry, visual merchandising (for retail), electronic music, make-up and special effects, podcasting and content creation.

Big thank you to our Pathways leader, Mr Magann, for organising! What a great opportunity for the boys to get some exposure of life after school!