20 November 2023

Henry wins Mr Julian Leeser's (MP) Christmas Card competition

Yesterday, we were honoured to have our local Federal member, Mr Julian Leeser MP, join us for a special assembly. He awarded Henry L (Year 5) with a prestigious certificate for winning a drawing competition. Henry's artwork, a stunning depiction of Berowra Waters, stood out remarkably and has been chosen as the cover for Mr. Julian Leeser's Christmas cards this year. Congratulations Henry on this truly remarkable achievement!
At the assembly, we proudly introduced our future 2024 captains, Mason S and Marcus T. It was heartwarming to witness their parents' pride as they attached the captain's badges to their sons' uniforms.
The primary choir, under the guidance of Mrs Kwon and Mr Guy, showcased their incredible talent with a beautiful performance. Their rendition of Dream Wild captivated everyone present.
We extend our gratitude to Mr Julian Leeser for gracing us with his presence and honouring our students. The afternoon was truly memorable, filled with pride, talent, and community spirit.