12 May 2022

Mother's Day Mass

Recently, we finally got to celebrate our annual Mother's Day mass again. With the COVID restrictions finally easing, it was lovely to be able to welcome so many of our mothers and grandmothers back to the sun-lit Redfield Chapel last week. It was standing room only and the boys were so excited to see their mothers walk into our celebration. Mother's Day is a day when we all stop and say "thank you" to our mums for all they do for us during the year. 

After our joyful Mass, the boys sang a heartfelt song to their mothers (led by Mrs Pensini) in the Atrium, which brought a tear to a few mothers' eyes. Congratulations to the boys who sang solo parts in front of so many people and to Roman G (Year 6) for playing the piano so well. 

After the performance, it was time for the mothers to be spoiled at the high tea celebration hosted by the fathers and Primary teachers, who wore very bright aprons while serving drinks and stocking the buffet tables. Thanks go to our wonderful team who really gave the Redfield mothers a special treat on this day. 

We hope that our community enjoyed this beautiful event and look forward to hosting a celebration for grandparents at the end of the term. Click here for the video!

Jason Hatcher, Deputy Head of Primary