21 February 2023

Mr Castellino gives an update on Redfield's Technology, Digital and Coding Programs

As you may already know, Redfield College prides itself on being the best academic school possible. Our Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr Daryl Castellino, recently sat down with us for an interview about Redfield's upcoming changes to the Digital, Technological, and Coding educational programs we offer. He and other staff are excited to implement these as soon as possible. They are always invested in improving the school and the opportunities it provides for our students. Keep reading to see his answers!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself  


My name is Daryl Castellino. I am the Director of Teaching and Learning and Leader of Student Formation at Redfield College. I have been working at the College for 1 year now.    


2. What are some of the initiatives Redfield has used in recent years to help prepare students for the increasingly technological workforce?  


The priority of Redfield is to produce young men who are virtuous. The academic program is geared towards our students attaining very high levels of literacy, numeracy and critical thinking. These transferable skills can then help the graduates of Redfield succeed in life after school.  

All students from Years 2 to 8 are taught explicit technological skills in Technology subjects, such as basic programming, coding, online research and spreadsheet skills. Students who want to study technology further can elect subjects at Redfield or proceed to complete online courses via TAFE NSW. 

Students in Years 2 to 6 have access to Chrome Books as well as coding devices. Students in Years 7 to 12 have their own Surface Pro laptop. In addition, the recently built Learning Hub in the library is an excellent purpose-built facility for interactive learning, and the TAS department has a 3D printer and laser cutter.

We also recently ordered microprocessors for the technology department. The Design & Technology faculty provides a comprehensive coding program for students which introduces them to basic logic through 'Python' coding language. Following the Australian Curriculum guidelines, students are stepped through many problem-solving activities and put these solutions to practical use by programming micro bit processors to carry out tasks.


3. How do you receive and address feedback about Redfield’s technology programs? 


We welcome feedback on all our programs. The feedback from parents and students is then a point of discussion within the school leadership team which informs future programs and resources at Redfield. 


4. What are some of the technology initiatives that Redfield has planned in the future for the teaching and learning program? 


Several online learning platforms have been introduced into Years 7 to 12, such as Canvas, ATOMI, Maths Online, Edrolo, and Education Perfect, which allows students and teachers to have access to a variety of educational resources to support the academic program at Redfield.  

Coding is an area that we are currently looking at integrating more into the academic programs across Years 2 to 8. A big area of focus for Redfield is also helping students and families use technology in the right way, by staying safe online and being temperate with technology use.