17 November 2021

New School Captains for 2022

The new Redfield College Captains for 2022 have been voted for and announced: 


College Captain: Damien D.

College Vice-Captain: Jonathan Y.

(Pictured below)

Some inspiring first words from the new College Captain: 

"The Class of 2022 has recently chosen its very own motto. “Start well, end well” was introduced to us by Mr Thomas, and from the moment those words left his mouth, they have held a resounding and special place within our grade. 

This motto has a lot of meaning which I know can be applied to various aspects of our lives.

The first and most obvious aspect of this motto is finishing a task well. It is all too common to start some work at the highest of standards but, as time goes on, the quality starts to dwindle. An analogy which has been used by many Redfield teachers is the example of a running race. At the start of the race, everyone is sprinting to get to the finish line. Some people sprint through the finish line, attaining the fastest time they can. However, others slow down as they get closer to the finish and only just manage to cross the line, whereas others burn out completely and never get to the end. Here you can observe that the runners who slowed down did not finish well and ended up getting a slower time. 

The second aspect of our motto is to start well. To start anything is a monumental task. No matter how big or small the task may be, the first step is always the hardest. This quote, by reminding us to start well, preaches that we have to take that first step, and take it in a strong manner.

Thirdly, this motto also shows that there is a start and an end to any journey. It helps us to mark out the two most important stages in any task, the start and the end. Breaking down tasks into different stages can help greatly to complete that task, as it helps people to organise their world and increase the quality of their work."