17 June 2021

NSW Parliamentary Involvement

Recently, a number of our Senior School students have had the opportunity to be directly involved in political matters through the NSW State Government.

Damien D. (Year 11 Sirius) was selected to represent the electorate of Hornsby as a participant in the Y NSW's 2021 Youth Parliament program. Damien, representing his MP, formed a bill regarding mental health. He commented on his experiences:

"I am incredibly excited to be a part of the mental health committee and cannot wait to get the chance to enact tangible change. The bill the committee is working on is about addressing mental health to a greater extent in the syllabus and improving school-parent education with relation to mental health education. This bill will improve education regarding mental health and students will be taught how to identify signs of mental health issues in others, the best ways to deal with mental health and all possible outcomes for a pupil and, most importantly it will educate students on how to listen and help. With regard to school-parent relations, this bill strives to better educate parents on mental health issues through schools and seeks to raise awareness of such issues in households. It is empowering to know that my voice will be heard on one of the largest platforms for youth in NSW. I am looking forward to hearing the perspectives of other participants from around NSW and cannot wait to get to work!"   

Well done to these students, and we look forward to hearing of their burgeoning political careers over the coming years!