12 October 2021

Old Boy Becomes Youngest NSW Premier

Redfield College and the wider PARED community were proud to hear that Old Boy Dominic Perrottet was elected by his colleagues to take on the role of NSW Premier in early October. An important and high-pressure job no doubt, it was a testament to his work ethic and leadership.

Dom attended Redfield College from 1991 (Year 3) to 2000 (Year 12) except for one year away in 1996. His former Headmaster, Andy Mullins, shared with one newspaper Dom's words of wisdom during his School Captain address in the year 2000: 

“What we take into the future is largely the result of what has happened here at Redfield...It is the result of a team effort, now it is up to us. We are ready for the challenge, we look forward to it, and we will always be thankful. We are confident of success because we know, as our class motto says, Fortune favours the brave.”

Redfield Alumni have displayed various successes over the College's 35 years, and our students continue to be proud and inspired by so many men who have made positive and meaningful contributions to all areas of life since leaving the College.

Dom in 1994 - Redfield Rugby 7s

Dom (left) in the Year 9 Debating team

School Captains, 2000