17 April 2023

Old Boys donate a jersey to the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Rugby in France

Redfield Old Boys Charles (first image, left, Class of 2021) and Jacques (first image, right, Class of 2022) Morrissey visited the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Rugby in Larrivière-Saint-Savin, Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Their mission was to leave a Redfield Rugby jersey in honour of the chapel's dedication to Our Lady of Rugby. The jersey will reside permanently in the chapel, and Monsieur Bignet, who maintains the chapel and the museum attached to it, was moved to see it had come from Australia.
The dedication attached to the jersey reads: "Dear Lady of Rugby, watch over all your sons who play Rugby for Redfield College in Australia. You are our Mother, so keep us safe in the game and in our lives and bring us to heaven at the final whistle. Amen."