03 February 2023

Ordination of Old Boy Deacon Matthew Dimian

On Thursday, 2 February, Redfield Old Boy Matthew Dimian (Class of 2010) was ordained to the Presbyterate by Bishop Vincent Long at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.

The Redfield presence was strong at the ordination: Old Boy Fr Chris Del Rosario (Class of 2010) acted as Master of Ceremonies and Old Boy Christian Catsanos (Class of 2011) a composed a hymn as a gift to Fr Matthew, which was played during the offertory. He gave a special blessing to his classmates in attendance.
In an interview with the Catholic Outlook, he stated, “All throughout school, my desire to be a priest grew and grew. Attending Redfield College bolstered my faith, and I received great formation there. I was very lucky to have a chapel at my school, and I remember going there often. It became a refuge and I felt a great sense of peace and a lot of joy in Our Lord’s presence in the Eucharist." Congratulations, Fr Matthew!