01 May 2023

Primary and Secondary Cross Countries

Redfield College's Secondary Cross Country Carnival was a huge success! The boys delivered top-notch performances, and special recognition goes to the winners: Ruben M (Year 7 Hydrus), Joachim R (Year 9 Hydrus), and Claude A (Year 11 Sirius).

The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie as boys from different Houses cheered each other on. A massive shoutout goes to the dedicated staff and hardworking boys who made this carnival possible. Redfield College takes pride in providing opportunities for academic and athletic excellence. Congratulations to all the participants!


Soon after, Redfield's Primary boys gathered for their Cross-Country Carnival, held on a beautiful autumn day. The boys exhibited great enthusiasm and spirit as they competed in their respective races, showcasing outstanding individual efforts.

The event's success can be attributed to the dedicated Year 10 volunteers, the Primary staff team, and Mr Ben Nolan, who organised the early morning running club in the lead-up. Hydrus House emerged as the champion, displaying exceptional teamwork. Sirius House was awarded the House Participation Cup for its collective efforts.

The top six place-getters in each event secured spots in the HZSA Cross-Country, a prestigious inter-school competition. Redfield College commends all the participants for their remarkable achievements and congratulates them on their unwavering spirit and sportsmanship. Well done, boys!