18 August 2022

Redfield Parent shares touching story from the Primary Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday, August 10, Redfield College held its much anticipated Primary Athletics Carnival. There were great feats of athleticism and competitiveness on display, accompanied by great weather. A parent saw the College Spirit in effect in one of the races she was watching and was generous enough to share her experience. Read below for her account! 

There were multiple moments throughout the day where I witnessed the caring nature of our Redfield boys. There was one in particular captured on camera (see below). This moment brought tears to my eyes. The parents were all watching the Year 2 800-metre race. We thought the last boy had crossed the finish line, when we looked up and saw a group of boys from different Houses running alongside the last, tired runner from Year 2, encouraging him and cheering him on. It was such a beautiful moment that I just had to share.

Well done boys! You have made the College proud.