03 July 2023

Professional Development with Dr Karen Bohlin

Dr Karen Bohlin, a respected figure in character education and holistic development, directs the Practical Wisdom Project at the Abigail Adams Institute in Boston and is a Research Affiliate at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. With her three decades of experience in teaching and leadership at both High School and University levels, Dr Bohlin brought invaluable expertise to our Term 3 Staff Day.
The workshop for our staff day equipped the teachers and administration team with the necessary skills to tackle challenging conversations with students and peers by focusing on wisdom from ancient philosophy paired with contemporary research.
At times, it can be tempting to avoid and oversimplify a problem or challenging conversation. Dr Bohlin's Practical Wisdom Framework equipped and encouraged staff to have engaging and respectful dialogue instead. Redfield is looking forward to putting into practice what they learned at the Staff Day and is looking forward to seeing her speak again at our upcoming Key Parent Function for Redfield and Tangara parents - you don’t want to miss what she has to say!