24 February 2021

Redfield College Primary Swimming Carnival

Last Wednesday, 17 February, Redfield Primary held its 2021 swimming carnival. This year was a very different carnival due to the COVID restrictions that are currently in place on venues such as this. Unfortunately, parents and spectators were unable to attend and we really missed your wonderful enthusiasm. We were also restricted with the areas we were allowed to use, with only the outdoor 50-metre pool available. What a challenge for some of the boys, especially in the younger years! However, everybody made wonderful efforts and did a fantastic job. We are very grateful that we could actually run the event.  

The day commenced with our Ash Wednesday Mass in the Chapel, before boarding the buses and making our way to South Windsor. The energy of the boys throughout the day was almost matched by the amazing tunes that pumped over the PA system from Mr Zhang's playlist. We burst into the races and were so impressed by the efforts of the boys in the pool, especially as some boys were in a 50-metre pool for the very first time. Mr Hatcher, 'The Voice on the Mic', ensured that everything ran smoothly and controlled the event with a resonating and calm voice that thundered throughout the site. Each race produced some intensity and the fun nature of the carnival was not lost in the incredible routines of the House chants and competitive war cries. Each swimmer was resoundly supported by his House members, led by the House Captains. It was wonderful to witness such a healthy and encouraging sporting atmosphere.

With very close results, the winning house of the events held in the main pool was Hydrus and for house participation, Castor. Very well done to everyone!

We are very proud of the efforts and achievements of each of the boys. We especially wish to pass on a big THANK YOU to all the incredible teachers who helped organise and make this carnival such a wonderful display of skill, celebration and fun!

Thanks again,

Justin Roberts (Head of Primary Sport) and Francisco Nodrid (PDHPE)