03 October 2022

Student exchange trip to Nagasaki, Japan

On Monday, 3 October, 9 Redfield Secondary students, along with Mr Corke, flew to Japan on an exchange program to the Seido Mikawadai school, in Nagasaki, Japan.⁠ They spent just under two weeks and had a wonderful and memorable time with the welcoming hosts. Having had the Japanese students at Redfield just a few months ago, it was an amazing experience for the boys to reunite, and immerse themselves in the Japanese culture they had heard so much about! ⁠A big thank you to Mr Drevikovsky who worked tirelessly to organise the trip and Mr Corke who accompanied them. Read their individual accounts below!

"Our 2022 trip to Japan was a totally different experience from what we are used to. Everything from the school day structure to food to after-school activities was completely different to us. For example, their school days end an hour later than ours and they have a half-day of school every second Saturday. The tourist attractions like the hidden churches, Nagasaki bomb museum and 26 Martyrs museum gave us an in-depth look at the horrors and challenges faced by early Christians in Nagasaki as well as the impact of the dropping of the 'Fat Man' atomic bomb on the city in World War 2. Overall, it was a really interesting trip and a great experience, not only learning about and adapting to a different culture but also getting over certain challenges like the language barrier."

Joseph S, Year 10

"I thought that this trip was delightful and exciting. It was interesting to see how school is run in Japan and the differences in teaching styles. The different places in Nagasaki were often breathtaking. I found that the people there were amicable and welcoming."

Jordan H, Year 9

"Going to Japan was a very insightful and exciting experience. We were immersed in Japanese culture, staying with very kind Japanese families, going to school and exploring the many attractions Nagasaki has to offer. The food was different but very delicious, with my personal favourite being yakiniku, a Japanese barbecue. It was great to learn a lot about a different culture. This was an amazing trip, and I now will forever love Japanese culture."

Benjamin C, Year 9

"My experience in Japan was outstanding. I learnt a lot of things about Japanese culture and traditions. I also learnt about how they live their day-to-day lives. For example, the students have training every single afternoon and do gala days every weekend - they take their sport very seriously! I am happy to have had the opportunity to experience their diverse and distinct culture and traditions."

Samuel J, Year 10

"During the Student Exchange Program, the time in Japan was enjoyable. We went on several excursions and trips around Nagasaki. Nagasaki holds both traditional and more western environments, especially in the city. The lookout point on the 300-metre mountain provides an amazing view of the city, showcasing its brilliance and how it has thrived even after the tragic events of World War 2."

Isaac C, Year 10

"My two-week trip to Nagasaki and Seido Mikawadai school was an eye-opening experience of the daily routines of the students and the cultures of the families. I can say that my time there was well spent and that I was able to learn more about day-to-day Japanese school and home life."

Amshuman B, Year 10 

"Nagasaki is an amazing city with beautiful views. The people within the community of Seido Mikawadai are very kind, generous and friendly. Living a different style of life was entertaining in every aspect. I won’t forget the friends and memories I have made during my time in Japan."

Isaac Chee, Year 9

"Visiting Nagasaki was a great experience for a variety of reasons. We got to try lots of different Japanese food, see many interesting places such as churches and museums, and temporarily experience what school is like. Despite our very poor Japanese, it was a great experience overall."

Fico J, Year 10 

"My two-week stay in Japan was a great experience. The traditional food was amazing and the views from the mountains were beautiful. It was also really cool to experience the historical importance behind where we stayed and how other people in different countries live their lives."

Jonathan A, Year 10