03 November 2021

Year 12 Graduation Week 2021

Week 3 saw the return of the Class of 2021 and the start of Graduation Week. This was a wonderful opportunity to farewell our Year 12 students in a way that celebrated all of their achievements while providing them with input about opportunities after the HSC. The theme for the week was 'Stay Strong', encouraging our young men to remain focused on their work ethic and resolute in their beliefs and, thereby, to put themselves in the best position possible for 2022.

Over the course of the week, Year 12 students heard from a variety of speakers from across multiple professions and industries. This included but was not limited to:

 - Journalism
 - Business Leadership
 - Accounting
 - Corporate Law
 - Health & Fitness
 - Trades (Plumbing/Electrician)
 - Organisational Psychology
 - Construction
 - Architecture

Speakers gave presentations on their experiences in these professions, particularly on how they started their careers, pathways they undertook and lessons they have learned in the process. 

Students were particularly amazed at the presentation given by George Peppou, CEO and Co-Founder of Vow Food. His company creates sustainable alternative food sources manufactured from protein cells. His vision for the company and the future of human food consumption is inspirational.

The week was not purely 'Future Focused', however. There was also an emphasis on 'Life & Family', with inspiring talks from Redfield Old Boys Rick Alloggia (Class of 1999) and Charlie Burfitt (Class of 2008), sharing their wisdom and experiences of marriage, family and the challenges of finding an appropriate work/life/family balance.

Finally, we celebrated our Year 12 students with a Farewell event held on Thursday afternoon. As usual, the occasion was bittersweet. While we are sad to see them leave, we are also incredibly proud of this grade for their growth and development into fine young men while navigating the challenges of the most disrupted HSC year in history.

Please keep the Class of 2021 in your prayers as they enjoy some final HSC study workshops in Week 4 and then prepare for the HSC Exams starting on Tuesday, 9 November.

Mark Anderson, Head of Senior School