15 March 2022

Year 12 Jerseys 2022

On Friday, 4 March, a long-awaited event for Year 12 students was held in the Atrium: the distribution of their Class of 2022 jerseys.

Year 12 students receiving their jerseys is a College tradition that marks the transition into their final year of schooling, providing a personalised and visual point of difference in the College uniform. Designed by the students themselves, the jersey also emphasises Year 12's significance as leaders in the school, while allowing for some friendly joking with their jersey nicknames.

Importantly, this cohort's jerseys are emblazoned with the initials “Z.E.” in honour of Zack Egan who passed away in 2021. During the ceremony, the Class of 2022 presented a jersey to Scott and Jenni Egan, parents of Zack, who also received a portrait of Zack painted by Joseph B. This, in addition to the new memorial bench which has been installed in front of the College dam, made for a fitting tribute to their much-missed classmate. Mrs Egan spoke to the students about the importance of friendship and the value of unity in their final year and after school.

Our sincere thanks go to the Egan family for their attendance and example, and congratulations to the Class of 2022 for receiving their jerseys.

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead!