07 June 2022

Year 7 Camp to Vision Valley

From the 1st of June to Friday the 3rd of June, Year 7 went on a camp to Vision Valley. These camps are a great way for the students to spend time together, learn new skills in different environments, and most importantly, have fun! Here is the reflection from one of the students.

This camp helped us to get to know each other better and to learn about survival in the bush. On the first day, we arrived and got to know our group leaders, teammates, and roommates. Later in the afternoon, we participated in some really fun activities such as canoeing and a scavenger hunt. The following day, we woke up nice and early from the earthquake of noise from some overactive classmates in the hallway and quickly got ourselves ready for a climbing day. We had so much fun with the crate stack challenge and the vertical challenge! We finished the day with some sock hockey which was awesome!

On the final day, we made hot chocolate using survival cooking utensils. I just have to be honest when I say that it may have been the worst-tasting hot chocolate I've ever had, but the fact that we were drinking it while on our first high-school camp made it just a bit sweeter. We also did some initiatives which included using teamwork to try and solve survival puzzles. 

There were so many highlights of our Year 7 camp, that they would not fit in this story. By the end of camp, I was so sad to leave, and I’m sure that all my other friends were too, but these memories that we made will definitely be a topic of conversation (or rather a topic of laughter) for many, many years to come. We all send big thanks to the teachers, group leaders, and chefs for their amazing and hard work over the three days.

Paul M, Year 7