13 May 2022

Year 7 Technology timber box projects

Boys in Year 7 technology have completed their ‘Timber Box Project’ and the results have been fantastic. While engaged with this project, the boys have learned an array of new hands-on skills in the tech workshop, and the high-quality finish of their work is a testament to their commitment to the practical elements of Technology and their high level of enthusiasm for the subject. It was a pleasure to see the boys interacting positively in class, learning safely and cooperating generously with each other. 

Below are some testimonies from the boys. They were asked about what they liked the most and the least about this project: 

The part of the project that I enjoyed the most was cutting the wood, mainly because it was a great work-out. The hardest part of the project was the sanding because it never seemed to end.” - Emmanuel K.

I enjoyed cutting the wood with a saw. I liked this because it was my first time using and cutting wood. I disliked sticking the pieces of wood together because it took a long time.” - Nithin CN. 

I enjoyed the laser-cutting. It was fun. I did not like the sanding. It’s hard to notice your progress.” - Dante M. 

The most enjoyable part of making the box was cutting the four pieces. Another part that was enjoyable was working on it with my friends. The hardest part of making the box was cutting the side of the box with the coping saw.” - Noah R.

Leo Carol, Head of Design & Technology