26 July 2022

Years 8 and 9 PDHPE unit on Self-Defence

During Weeks 1 and 2 of this term, the PDHPE Department has introduced self-defence to our Years 8 and 9 classes. We were lucky enough to have Cooper and his team from All Stars Australia come and take our students through their first session of self-defence. 
The boys were intently focused the entire time and all working hard. In their first session, they learnt the basics of striking and how to protect themselves from incoming strikes, and have since been working through various kickboxing combinations. 
The unit is being backed up with lessons in the classrooms to educate our students on relevant topics like the importance of self-defence. ⁠The PDHPE teachers are looking forward to seeing how the students progress throughout the remainder of our self-defence program. All-Stars Australia was organised through Self Defence in Schools Australia.